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By careful planning and effective management, we have achieved a school for our students that has a high standard of learning in all subjects and offers students additional programs that cater for differing interests and abilities.
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What Went Well in Kindergarten

Kindergarten children have been learning about plants and the needs of living things. Each student has grown their own bean plants from seeds and they have observed changes and recorded growth over the past five weeks. Their... Read more

School Information 6/6/2016

The School will be operational tomorrow however due to local flooding, we may have less staff than usual. Please make the safest decision to send your child to school based on the flooding situation in your area. Flooding updates... Read more


ANZAC Day Assembly

Well done to our leaders on a wonderful ANZAC Day assembly. They presented the assembly with maturity and dignity. Thank you to the many students who brought in flowers and a big thank you to Shaun Christie who allowed us to... Read more

Scope IT

What went well in Scope IT

Students have been having an amazing time in Scope IT. Students from Years 1 to 6 have been learning how to code. The lessons are hands on and interactive. This program will continue into next term.... Read more